A One-Time Horse Riding Lesson For Your Horse Lover

It was cold and rainy the second day of our 1st trip to Chincoteage (June, 2007), so we offered Jess a riding lesson at the Chincoteauge Pony Center. She did have some riding experience from 2 weeks of half day horse camp the previous summer.

The lesson was a full half hour, with all one-on-one with an instructor.  The instructor had her trying to walk the horse through cones, and all kinds of interesting things!

We arranged for the lesson without advance notice, and only had to wait 15 minutes or so for it to start - in their indoor arena.     The Pony Center has plenty to do, so we really were not "waiting".    We "met" a bunch of their ponies, watched a film on the early Pony Round Ups, and explored the amazing selection of horse stuff in their shop.

Upon completing the lesson, Jess was given a large ribbon, was grinning ear to ear, and could not stop talking about "her pony".     So, even if your daughter is an unlikely equestrian, a one time horse riding lesson is a fabulous way to indulge her love of horses - an experience which will last a lifetime!

If your daughter takes a one-time lesson, either in Chincoteague, or anywhere, please tell us about it here!

Cindy--- a Horse Lovers Mama!

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