Book Series for Horse Lovers - Canterwood Crest

(For moms of horse lovers too!) A few months ago, Jessica Burkhart, author of the equestrian themed Canterwood Crest Book Series contacted me about her upcoming 5th book release and blog giveaway. I am so glad she did, as I had not seen the series yet. My horse lover is a 7.5 year old 2nd grader. Her reading skills are very good for her age, but she is not ready for the 9-12 chapter books. Eager to check out the series, I purchased the first 2 at the local Barnes and Noble, and ordered the next 2 through We started out with my reading aloud to her, which we both enjoyed. I soon started to read on ahead, though, to satisfy my need to know what happens next! Of course, this isn't "heavy reading" for a woman of my age (cough, cough), but Ive enjoyed every page none-the-less. I suspect most any girl who loves horses will enjoy them. AND, I suspect the mothers of tween/pre-teen girls who love horses will as well! As the "Horse Lover's Mama", I've learned so much from the book series so far. Each book has 2 or more equestrian events.... where the details of the venues, preparations, and event are wonderfully detailed. Ive never been to a horse show, nor an advanced riding clinic... but can fully picture them now, having "seen them" through Jessica Burkhart's writing. The series features five 7th grade girls on their boarding school's riding team. Through Jessica's writing, Ive seen even more what its like to be a girl in love with horses. Reading how they talk about their horses, how they feel when seeing, caring for, and riding their horses, and how they imagine their horses feel has been a wonderful view into the mind of a pre-teen with a serious horse addiction! Additionally... since these books are being written NOW - in 2009 -they have been excellent for bringing me "into the loop". Ive NEVER sent a text message. If Ive received any, I have never opened them. But, now, I actually understand what pre-teens and teens would have to say to each other by text message. The current day references are refreshing (Anyone remember a cat named Madonna in the Pony Pals series? Now we hear about a guy with a "Zac Ephron haircut" I'll always be a Madonna fan, but.... Zac is looking much better these days!) I highly, highly recommend the Canterwood Crest Book series - both for your daughters who love horses, AND for you, moms! (See below for my Parental guidence review) Let me know how you enjoy them! Cindy --- The Horse Lover's Mama Read more from the author(and life long horse lover) here: Jessica Burkhart Read more about the book series here Canterwood Crest Parental Guidance Review of Canterwood Crest The first 4 books all take place with the main characters in 7th grade. The girls do have boy crushes, and do enter "boyfriend-girlfriend" relationships. These consist of holding hands and, for some, a few kisses. I noticed no bad language, no scary scenes, no violence, and no religious references. All defiance of authority always has repercussions (in fact, there may be some great lessons on consequences here). Studying and fulfilling responsibilities is portrayed positively.


  1. Thanks so much for the mention! The amazing charm clip is up for giveaway today. :) Yaaay!

  2. These sound like great books !
    My youngest is in 6th grade and LOVES horses so these would be wonderful for her.

    Thanks for the review and for the parental review too - for me, that is vital as I carefully screen what I allow my kids to be exposed to.
    They are kids for such a short time and I want to protect that and try to ensure that it isn't any shorter ;)

    Organically Yours,

  3. i have raed all the canter wood book
    that have come out i love thim all
    but i hate jakup

    from emma

  4. I have read thm canter wood's g8. I also like reading those Pony Club Secrets by Stacy Greg. ;)

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