Girls Horse Clothes is Getting a Makeover

We are getting a small makeover at .  Our look will change a bit, and our function will change a bit.  All for the better, we hope!
Rough mock-up of our new look

We'll be keeping our same color scheme, more or less.

We will be keeping our "girl" logo (as we refer to her!).

Our categories and category navigation will stay the same - but will look just a bit different.  Our product description pages will be very similar - only better (we hope).

One change we are looking forward to on our product description pages is an improvement to our enlarged pictures.   We hope to make it easier to get to the next photo and close out the enlarged photo window.

We also plan for a site map, with our horse clothes broken into finer categories --- so you can get to the exact item and size you are looking for really quickly (when you happen to know exactly what you're looking for).

Of course, our wide selection of girls horse clothing will remain, as will our customer service -- with a little added ease of use.

Thank you,

PS We took on a new look here on our blog too, huh?    That was a sudden change.   We messed up the code we were using to the point that we could not make it work any more (well, not without pulling out the rest of our hair!)    So, we decided to revert back to one of the standard themed offered by Blogger.

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