How I First Knew My Daughter Loves Horses

When my daughter was just about two... I turned to see she had picked a bunch of horse figures (plus maybe a giraffe and a zebra - but close enough) from various toy sets. She had lined them all up along the edge of a table - a horse parade! Soon after that, she stated "My name is Paula. I am a horse!" She sure had the gallop and the neighing to go with it! You will have to take my word for it. I had rarely-if-ever mentioned the name "Paula", and I definitly was not encouraging a love of horses! But - it was meant to be -and I became the mother of a Horse Lover (or, The Horse Lovers Mama!).

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  1. This made me crack up! My mom swears one of my first words was "pony". At 12, I was blessed with my own pony. She was with me for 24 years.