My horse lover is turning 7! Birthday Party Time!

Friday night, we had 5 girls over for a Pajama Party. (Not a sleep-over party).
We invited the girls to come in their pajamas. They sang, ate pizza, played dress up (Jessica dressed up AS a horse), ate popcorn, did a scavenger hunt, stuffed some bears, decorated their own tiny cakes, and opened presents.
I also attempted to have them "make magazines". While they were decorating and eating the cakes, I was busy downloading and printing pictures from their arrival and their fashion show. We did run out of time - but each girl got to take home a small scrapbook, and a bunch of photos of herself and some group shots - plus some stickers to dress it up.
We also gave out awards! After the girls arrived, I quick jotted an award for each, based on the pajamas she was wearing... The girls did seem to love getting them (even though everyone got one and they were all silly!) I had "The Most Meowy" Award - for a girl dressed head to toe in Hello Kitty items.... the "Pink and Green" award for a girl in pink Tinkerbell print PJ bottoms with coordinating green top. (A mom's gotta be resourceful!)
I ended up putting more work into it than I needed to - mostly because I planned for OTHER ideas that we ended up deciding against (such as decorating shirts to use when playing dress up, more awards that we never got to). But, it went well, and all the girls seemed to really enjoy it. I hope so!

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