Why can't I Blog?

I Really Do Have Something to Say, but....
I'm having a hard time saying it HERE! I write all the time, but, why don't I BLOG?

I thought about this last night... after "Tweeting" it.

I think part of it is that I'm not talking TO anyone.... I mean... I hope that someday, people will be reading this, but, really... I'm just starting out! I need to get over the feeling that I'm just writing a report... to be read only by 1 teacher. Writing reports wasn't fun... writing notes to my TFF(True Friends Forever - old school!)... who I was going to walk out of the classroom with, and down the hall with, and then sit in the cafeteria with... THAT was fun! And, too tempting to forgo. Gotta capture more of that HERE! (Hey Julie, shall I draw some safety pins????)

Another thing hit me after reading The Evolution of a Mom Blogger . There was a time in my life where I wrote fiercely... to myself... hoping against hope that NO ONE would ever see it. (And, to this day, no one ever has!) Those were NOT good times... I was writing it out to get it out... as a form of psycho-therapy, you know? So... maybe I associate "journaling" with being in a bad place... REALLY got to get over that one!!!!!

Too bad I can't DRAW here.... Safety Pins, and TFF , and Smile written like.... well... the way we wrote Smile in 1984!

(And there's another reason... I want to include a photo with a post... but I don't happen to have one handy.... ack!)

Cindy - HorseLoversMama

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