Horse Manure (related) gifts

Ok, this is kinda low brow, I suppose.... but, like it says on the site.. "If you have horses in your life, then you have horse manure in your life". If your horse lover wants to lease or own her own horse, she'll need to understand that manure always comes with every horse. Even girls who take lessons using farm horses will soon find manure is just part of the life of every horseback rider. Some equestrian centers will comp a lesson in exchange for some serious barn chores. If your horse lover has a love/hate relationship with manure, you will likely enjoy Farrier's Horse Manure Stuff. These items might also be the right gift for her riding instructor and those who care for the horses she rides, when she isn't there to do it.
Perhaps you can help make her morning Barn Chores a bit more fun with these Horse Lounge Pants from
Or, how about a horse print hoodie to keep her cozy? Yep, into every horse lover's life, some manure must plop... But that won't stop our daughter's from loving horses! Enjoy!


  1. The horse manure products are pretty darn funny. Who knew there were products out there like that!

  2. OK Cindy,...where are the new blog posts!!!! I know it's hard to condense the thoughts into short blog posts but, can do it!!! I thought for sure I'd see your new jewlry line on here!!

  3. Thanks so much for the nudge, Michelle!

    Ive been working on getting the jewelry ready. Paula from Peay Designs is doing photos for me!

    Horse's Heart will release its first jewelry line early next week -- including backpack clips, cell phone charms, pendant necklaces, and several more items with the pre-teen horse lover in mind (teens and women will love it too).

    (Hmmmm - I guess THAT should be a post, not a comment.... but... its coming soon, reallt!