Best Halloween Craft for Preschoolers

The Best?????

I'm never one to answer questions that start with "What is the Best....".   But, yes, I do think this is the best Halloween craft for preschoolers!

   I've done this craft with several groups of preschoolers over the years.  It always easy to set up, inexpensive, easy to clean up, fun to make, AND -- the "best" part... fun to use!

It isn't horse related...  but after your kids make them for themselves, who knows?  Maybe they will want to make some for their riding stick horses too!

       Spider Hats!   

Supplies:  All you need is black construction paper*, white paper, crayons, clear tape(or glue or staples), and scissors.

Depending on the age and number of kids and time allotted, it can work best (there's that word again!) to  pre-cut everything.

Keep in mind that tape is fast, rather than waiting for glue to dry between steps.

For each hat, cut:
2 Strips black paper, about 2.5 inches wide (to make the head band)
8 strips black paper, about 1 inch wide (to make the legs)
2  white ovals (for the eyes)

Join the wider strips lengthwise with tape.
Fit around the head of the child (or adult!) to cut it long enough.
Join ends with tape.

Fold 8 slimmer strips back in half.
Fold strip in the oposite direction, about 1 inch from either end.

Tape the non-folded end of each strip, directed up, inside the top of the headband -- four on one side, four on the other.

Color ovals to create eyes... pretty brown eyes, or bloodshot purple... whatever her imagination leads her to.    Tape to front of head band.

Line the kids up, put on their Spider Hats, and let them run and chase each other around.   The spider legs will be bopping up and down, and have all the kids giggling.

To ensure this is the best Halloween craft these preschoolers have ever done, make some for the adults too, for lots of extra giggles!

Happy Halloween!

* Stop in a Teacher's Store for a pack of all-black construction paper if you'll need a lot.   Or, consider scrap-booking paper, which is sold by the sheet at any large craft supply store.

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