Fast and Easy Ways to Decorate Girls Bedroom with Horses

Sure,  you could find horse wallpaper, or horse bedding, but what about some easy ways to add horses to your daughter's bedroom decor?  Without spending so much money,  committing to such a major change, or needing to spend a lot of time.
Cuttin Loose by Wallies.    (I hope thats not a library book!)

Use Horse "Wall-Paper Cut-outs" for quick, easy, inexpensive, and removable horse bedroom decor!   You will love it, and so will she!   

If you havn't heard --- you dont need to actually cut out images from real wall paper.... you can buy pre-cut designs.    They are easy to put on the wall, and just as easy to remove.   Just wet them and slap on the wall where you want them.   

 The cut out designs range from about 2" by 2" to about 6" by 8", and come in sets of about 20 coordinating pieces.     You can find realistic looking horses,  My Little Pony or other cartoon looking horses, even equestrian and Cowgirl themes.  

 "Wallies" is one well-known brand (the set in the picture sells for around 12$ for a package of 15 horse clusters.  Also check out local large craft stores and paint stores to find a large selection in several brands.  

If you want something more specific, you will have plenty of choices online.

Use them in a traditional way by placing them along the top of the wall, making a border of horses.  Or, group them in a particular area... above the bed, next to the bed, as a border around the closet door - anywhere you have a blank space that won't be touched often.

Or... use them in some less obvious ways...  Cover a plain lampshade with overlapping horse wallies, cover the side of her bookcase or desk, perhaps even the back of the desk chair. 

Most important --- since they are designed to be removed and reused, you and your daughter can experiement all you like.          (You can always move them later if you need to!)

Besides the bedrooom... perhaps she will want to horse-up her bathroom, or even her locker.

Enjoy!    I'll be sharing some more EASY and FAST horse themed bedroom ideas soon. 

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