Popular Items For Horse Lovers ---- Just One Left!

One is the Loneliest Number...

Happy 2011.     We had a fantastic holiday season at Girls Horse Clothes this year.   We continue to LOVE finding and offering items to thrill you and the horse lover in your life, and have plenty on the way for 2011.

As has happened each year since we opened, we find we have "just one left" of several of our most popular items for horse lovers after the holiday season.  
 Since we do not want the items (or you) to be lonely... we are offering them to you at a discount.  11% off would have been a timely discount, but, it just didn't seem good enough. So, use code OneLeft at check-out for 22% off any (and all) items in our OneLeft category, through January 14th.  

None of these items are from our Clearance Section.   Most are from our TOP SELLERS during Nov and Dec 2010.   If they show a sale price, the coupon will be taken off that sale price.

 Why do we have One Left?   It's always kind of puzzling... but, there are a number of reasons (along with the ever present "huh, that's odd").    

One reason is that we aim to offer you the best customer service possible.    Thus, we often "hold back" some of our inventory - in case we find a flaw while packing your order... or in case we were to somehow sell more than we had.

The truth is, this does not happen very often.   So... we have one left of each of these popular items for horse lovers - see them all here:   One Left.    Remember --- enter code OneLeft during checkout to take 22% off any of these items.   Whether you order 1 of them or 1 each of 10 items.... the 22% will come off.   (Any other items in your order will be at their displayed price.)

Happy Shopping!    

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