The Horses and the Princess

Horses, a Bride, a Prince, a Wedding, a Princess, a Palace, and a Party
   What more could any pre-teen horse lover want?

I was eight years old when two horses brought Lady Diana to St. Peter's Cathedral for her wedding to Prince Charles.    I was not a particular follower of the Royal Family, but my Great-Aunt (and next-door neighbor) was.   Being so fantastical, the abundance of dress, veil, well-wishers, and fanfare were amazing to see.  Now, that much more than in 1981, that kind formality and tradition is unusual to see.

It turns out, this year's Royal Wedding will likely have less of the traditional pomp and circumstance of which fairy tales are made.     Apparently, (as of this writing) horses will not escort the bride to her wedding.  Instead, she will ride in a car, as most brides do.*   Its her day and her choice.   If it were me, I would choose the horses.

No matter her choices, many many will be watching.  Girls and women of all ages... horse lovers or not, will miss out on that level of awe and formality we saw with Lady Diana's wedding.     Of course, we women of a certain age know that the fairy tale cannot sustain us.

Yet -- could we not have the fairy tale flourishes, and the traditional grandeur.. just for the eye candy and wow factor?     Knowing, as modern girls do, that life -- even for the woman who marries the Prince -- is not meant to be lived as in a fairy tale.   And that a fairy tale wedding is not the end of anyone's story, nor the guaranteed (or even predicted) start of "happily ever after"...   Couldn't we still HAVE the horses, and the gold-gilded, large-windowed coach?   A traditional -a royal -a fairy tale wedding, lead up to and followed by a modern life.

Of course... a girl does not need to be a princess to ride in a horse drawn carriage on her wedding day (or any day).   See our article on hiring a horse drawn carriage for a special event .


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  1. I don't think there is anything much more romantic than a horse drawn carriage. :)