A Horse Drawn Carriage for A Birthday, Dance, or Other Special Event

A Horse Drawn Carriage Ride ---- A Horse Lover's Dream-Come-True
She need not be a princess to arrive at a her special occasion by horse drawn carriage.    There are services available in most areas throughout the country who can provide this dream-come-true for you and the horse lover in your life.

Find a Horse Drawn Carriage
These services are sometimes called "Liveries", so look for Livery in your local phone book.   One example is Ironton Livery in the Allentown, PA area. 

Other times, this service is available through a horse farm or equestrian center, such as the Carriage Service available through Blue Star Equiculture

A great way to find a horse drawn carriage is through Carriage Operators of North America at www.CONA.org.    Check that the drivers and vehicles are licensed by your state.

What's Possible?
Of course, we need to be realistic with what is possible.   No matter how well trained, horses are wild animals, and need to be in comfortable situations to do their jobs.  It may not be appropriate to have the horse bring you right to the occasion venue, so, be open to other ideas.  

Instead of arriving at the busy conference center for the prom, perhaps the horse drawn carriage can transport the couple from your home to her date's parents home.       Perhaps it can bring the wedding couple to a park after the ceremony, rather than to the reception hall - 20 miles across town. 

Or, ask the carriage service operator for suggestions - she likely knows of a beautiful spot for a carriage ride on your special day. A lovely ride in a scenic spot, all dressed in her finery will be a dream come true.... transportation between point A and B is hardly the point.

The cost will likely be significantly less if you meet at their location.   Expect to pay about 60$ for a 30 minute ride for 2.    More if the driver, horses, and carriage need to meet you at your location (and then drive home afterwards)

Special Events Made More Special with Horses
Consider taking your daughter for a horse drawn carriage ride..... 
  • On her Graduation Day.... in cap and gown, before the ceremony.
  • On her Birthday... perhaps with a friend, perhaps with Mom and Dad.
  • Before the Prom or Homecoming Dance --  in her fancy dress.... with or without her date.
  • Before her First Communion, Bat Mitzvah, or Quincinera (remember, the carriage need not take her to the venue).
Whatever you choose, it will be a cherished memory forever.
I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. I also loved to have a ride on the horse, because it shows the pride and honor.
    Thank you very much for sharing this.