Horse Apparel for Young Girls - Sneakers Shaped as Horses

Are these not THE cutest shoes you have ever seen?

 They just might be my favorite item of horse apparel I have ever seen.   

They are by Weboo Shoes, come in 4 color choices, in youth shoe sizes. These aqua and purple horses are called "Tisha".    Weboo states they were looking to bring "play value" into kid's footwear.   Epic Win????


At 45$, they are a mighty high price point for my store, so I do not expect to be able to offer them.  With the detailing and uniqueness, and range of colors, their price is actually lower than I expected.

"Sparkles" In sz 1 and 2 also.

 My horse loving daughter thinks they are super cute too, and I just might order a pair to squish her feet into.   If they don't fit, we can just play with them!

Sorry, none in lady's sizes!


  1. Looking good as horse child will very happy after getting this shoe. this can be good for gift to any child

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  2. How cute! I absolutely love these shoes. I totally want to buy some of these for my little girl for her birthday next month. She is so funny and she keeps asking for a eous blanket for her horse Glitter. I think I might have to get her both because I don't think I can pass these up.

  3. Those are the cutest shoes I've ever seen!!! Adorable!!!

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