Horses in the Royal Wedding

If your daughter is horse-crazy, she might enjoy watching for the horses during the April 29 Royal Wedding.

While Kate Middleton has opted to arrive to the church by car rather than horse-drawn carriage, there will be plenty of horses parading in the after-service procession to Buckingham Palace.

The procession TO Buckingham Palace will include 2 distinct groups of horses.   It's scheduled to begin at approximately 12:05pm London time (7:05am EDT, 4:05am Pacific).  

A stall fit for a Royal Horse - Royal Mews Stable
The Royal Mews Carriage Horses  will be pulling 5 carriages and riding as outriders alongside the carriages. Most of these horses are Cleveland Bays, along with some Irish Draughts and some Dutch Warmbloods.

The "Crown Equerry" (head of the Royal Mews) will see to it that each horse has been exercised and meticulously groomed for the event, and that all riders and personnel are attired in appropriate livery. The "Head Coachman" has carefully matched the horses and riders to their jobs.

Both are prepared for dry or wet conditions. Of course, coordinating so many horses, riders, groomsman, and helpers is a huge task. Mark Hargreaves, the Head Coachmen, has said "you just cannot guarantee horses, so you've just got to get on with it."

Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment  - 150 British Soldiers and Horses of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment will escort the Queen.
 These horses are mostly solid black, and mostly Irish draught-horses purchased from Ireland. All were selected for their appearance, as well as for their ability to carry the weight of a soldier and his full ceremonial uniform.

The Regiment - both horses and riders - have been training and practicing, AND being inspected for every detail of their uniforms and grooming, as well as how they ride together as a team.

The Royal Wedding may not have "something for everyone". But it certainly has something for those who enjoy horses.


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